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Updated:   Thursday, January 12, 2017

000 Generalities

It's Complicated - the social lives of networked teens; Boyd, Danah; 004.6780835/B692i/2014
The Principles of Multimedia Journalism; Hernandez, Koci Richard & Rue, Jeremy; 070.4/H430p/2016
Abominable Science! - Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and other famous cryptids; Loxton, Daniel & Prothero R. Donald; 001.944/L922a/2013
To the Cloud - Big Data in a Turbulent World; Mosco, Vincent; 004.6782/M896t/2014
100 Philosopy & psychology 
Philosophical Essays; Descartes Rene; 194/D445m/1988
Pensouillard Le Hamster - Petit traité de décroissance persnnelle; Marquis, Serge Dr.; 158.1/M357p/2011
It Happened to Me - SHYNESS; Carducci, J. Bernardo Ph.D. & Kaiser, Lisa; 155.5182/C268s/2015
Wherever You Go There You Are; Kabat-Zinn, Jon; 155.9045/K112w/2005
Happier - Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment; Ben-Shahar, Tal Ph.D.; 158/B456h/2007
200 Religion
A History of the 'Alawis - From Medieval Aleppo to the Turkish Republic; Winter, Stefan; 297.825109/W734h/2016
American Voudou - Journey into a Hidden World; Davis, Rod; 299.675/D297a/1999
The Jesus Movement and Its Expansion - Meaning and Mission; Freyne, Sean; 270.1/F894j/2014
Islam and the Future of Tolerance A Dialogue; Harris, Sam & Nawaz, Maajid; 297.98/H316i/2015
300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology
The Truth About Trump; D'Antonio, Michael; 333.33092/T772t/2016
Uninformed Why People Know So Little About Politics And What We Can Do About It; Lupia, Arthur;320/L973u/2016
Japan Transformed - Political and Economic Restructuring; Rosenbluth McCall, Frances & Thies F., Michael; 320.952/R723j/2010
The Health Gap - The Challenge of an Unequal World; Marmot, Michael; 362.1042/M345h/2016
Brut - La ruée vers l'or noir; Dufresne, David; Huston, Nancy; Klein, Naomi;  Laboucan-Massimo, Melina & Wiebe, Rudy; 333.8232097/D876b/2015
Taking Sides Clashing Views in Anthropology 5th Edition; Welsch L., Robert & Endicott, M. Kirk; 306/W464t/2013
Power and Resistance 5th editon. - Crtical thinking about Canadian Social Issues; edited by Samuelson, Les & Antony, Wayne; 305.0971/An868p/2012
Setting the Agenda 2nd ed.; McCombs, Maxwell; 302.23/M459s/2014
War by Other Means - Geoeconomics and Statecraft; Blackwill D., Robert & Harris M., Jennifer; 327.11109/B568w/2016
The Education of Eros - A History of Education and the Problem of Adolescent Sexuality; Carlson L., Dennis; 306.70835/C197e/2012
Stats Update Celebrity, Publicity, & Branding in the Social Media Age; Marwick E., Alice; 305.52/M369s/2013
The Economics of Money, Banking, And Financial Markets 6th edition; Mishkin S., Frederic & Serletis, Apostolos; 332/M687e/2016
Popular Culture; Opposing Viewpoints Series; 306/H292p/2011
Gender in Medieval Culture; Sauer M., Michelle; 305.40942/Sa857g/2015
400 Language
Fluent Forever - How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It; Wyner, Gabriel; 418.0071/W985f/2014
Les 600 mots les plus truculents de la langue francaise; Lacotte, Daniel; 443.13/L144s/2015
Fluent Forever - How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It; Wyner, Gabriel; 418.0071/W985f/2014
Le Niveau Baisse! (et autres idées recues sur la langue); Melancon, Benoit; 447.9714/M480n/2015
Maigret tend un piège; Simenon, Georges; 448.6/S589m/2015
Vingt mille lieues sous les mers; Verne, Jules; 448.6/V531v/2015
500 Science

The Serengeti Rules - The Quest to Discover how Life Works and Why It Matters; Carroll B., Sean; 570/C236s/2016

The Invention of Nature - Alexander Von Humboldt's New World; Wulf, Andrea; 509.2/W955i/2015

Naked Statistics - Stripping the Dread from the Data; Wheelan, Charles; 519.5/W560n/2013

The Chemistry Book from Gunpowder to Graphene, 250 Milestones in the History of Chemistry; Lowe, B. Derek; 540/L951c/2016


600 Technologies

Business Model Generation; Osterwalder, Alexander & Pigneur, Yves; 658.4012/Os76b/2010
Smart Decisions - The Art of Strategic Thinking for the Decision-Making Process; Martin N., Thomas; 658.403/M365s/2015
Zero to One - Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future; Thiel, Peter with Masters, Blake; 658.11/T346z/2014
Purple Cow - Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable; Godin, Seth; 658.8/G544p/2002
The E Myth Revisited Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It; Gerber, E., Michael; 658.0222/G313e/1995
The Lean Startup - How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses; Ries, Eric; 658.11/R445l/2014
Les Superbes - Une enquete sur le succes et les femmes; Clermont-Dion, Lea & Poitras, Marie Helene; 650.1082/C597s/2016
Successful Business Communication Bridging the Gap; Luchuk, Deborah; 651.7/L963s/2016
Finding Time The Economics of Work-Life Conflict; Boushey, Heather; 650.11/B669f/2016
700 Arts
Body of Art; Phaidon; 704.942/Aa75b/2015
MetaMaus; Spiegelman, Art; 741.59/Sp43m/2011
The Complete Maus; Spiegelman, Art; 741.59/Sp43m/1994
The Art Book; Phaidon; REF/709.22/Az751a/2012
Romanticism and Art; Vaughan, William; 709.034/V465r/1994
How Bad Do You Want It - Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle; Marcora, Samuele PHD; 796.019/F576h/2015
Swim Speed Strokes for Swimmers and Triathletes; Taormina, Sheila; 797.21/T159s/2014
Territoires Inconnus; Godin, Patrice; 796.42092/G544t
The Arab of the Future - A Childhood in the Middle East, 1978-1984; Sattouf, Riad; 741.569/S253a/2015
800  Literature
Foundation - Foundation and Empire - Second Foundation;Asimov, Isaac; 813.54/A832f/2010
Stories o Your Life and Others; Chiang, Ted; 813.54/C430s/2002
1Q84;Murakami, Haruki;895.635/M931o/2011
Do Not Say We Have Nothing; Thien, Madeleine; C813.6/T434d/2016
The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction; edited by Bould Mark, Butler M. Andrew, Roberts Adam & Vint Sherryl; 809.38762/B663r/2009
Aurora; Robinson Stanley, Kim; 813.54/R563a/2016
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child; Rowling, J.K.; 822.92/R884h/2016
Poetry and the Thought of Song in Nineteenth-Century Britain; Helsinger K., Elizabeth; 821.009/H484p/2015
Inverted World; Priest, Christopher; 823.914/P949i/2008
Ted Talks - The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking; Anderson, Chris; 808.51/A545t/2016
800 French
Approches de l'essai; Dumont, Francois; 808.4/D897a/2003
La vie est breve; Gingras, Chantale; C843.6/G433r/2016
Pas de deux; Guilbault, Anne; C843.54/G943p/2016
La pensee composee; sous la direction de Dumont, Francois; C844.08/P387p/1999
Nouvelles a chute; Recueil; C843.6/N855r/2008
Je jette mes ongles par la fenetre; Jean, Natalie; C843.6/J341j/2008
Les Maisons; Britt, Fanny; C843.6/B777m/2016
Mektoub; Lamothe, Serge; C843.6/L193m/2016
Le Poids de la Neige; Guay-Poliquin, Christian; C843.6/G932p/2016
Le Continent de Plastique; Turgeon, David; C843.6/T844c/2016
Des femmes savantes; Savoie-Bernard, Chloe; C843.6/Sa/948f/2016
La femme qui fuit; Barbeau-Lavalette, Anais; C843.6/B232f/2015
Excelsior; Py, Olivier; 843.914/P995e/2014
Maison des Jeunes; Collectif - Les Editions de ta Mere; C843.6/M231m/2013
Naufrage; C843.6/B625n/2016
900 History and Geography
The Cambridge Guide t African American History; Gavins, Raymond; 973.0496073/G245a/2016
Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow; Harari, Noah Yuval; 909.83/H212h/2016
South America on a shoestring; Lonely Planet; 918.04412/St59s/2016
American Colonial History - Clashing Cultures and Faiths; Kidd S., Thomas; 973.2/K537a/2016
The Slave's Caus - A History of Abolition; Sinha, Manisha; 973.7114/Si649s/2016
DVD The Legacy of Quebec Indian Residential Schools; 971.00697/C737h/2009
A Knock On The Door - The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commmission of Canada; foreword by Fontaine, Phil; 971.00497/T777k/2016
Native American Almanac - More than 50,000 Years of The Cultures and Histories of Indgenous Peoples; Dennis Wakim, Yvonne;  Hirschfelder, Arlene & Flynn Rothenberger, Shannon;  970.000497/D424n/2016
DVD - The Canadian Army Newsreels; The Canadian Army Film Unit; 940.530208/C160c/2010
DVD - Witnesses to Our History; Memory Project Speakers' Bureau Educational;  971.06/H629w/2016
Cracking the Quebec Code - The 7 keys to understanding Quebecers; Leger Jean-Marc, Nantel Jacques & Duhamel Pierre; 971.405/L599c/2016





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