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The first thing we hear about St. Lawrence is… it is small. Yes. But the richness of our experience at St. Lawrence does not lie in the number of square feet per person. A school is, above all, defined by the people in it. The teachers, the administration, the professionals, the support staff and, of course, the students are all a part of this St. Lawrence spirit that transcends its building facilities: The family spirit, the pride, and the tradition of excellence are all transmitted by the people who make this school come alive and constitute, in great part, the St. Lawrence experience.

I would like to share my pride in being a member of this community. I believe we should all be proud of what we have accomplished up to now and of the adults we have become.”

An excerpt from Bill Black’s closing address … to St. Lawrence grads : “ …although I have only lived 19 years, 11 of which don’t really count because I was a child incapable of thinking, which leaves around 8 years. Therefore, the past two years were the best out of the last eight, which signifies that 25 % of my conscious life has been wonderful … ”

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