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THE AMAZING RACE- St-Lawrence Version!

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With the popularity increasing for the TV show The Amazing Race that is watched all around the world, a group of students from the Communications Events Class, at CEGEP Champlain St-Lawrence, decided to organize an event that would be inspired by this show. On October 20th from 12:30 to 13:30, The Amazing Race- St-Lawrence Version took place around the campus.

What was this race exactly? It was a race where the participants had to accomplish challenges. The team who accumulated the largest number of points won the big prize. The organisers also provided a free lunch to every participant from the Sandwicherie and the Shaker.

What were the prizes? The big prize was a $250 gift card from the Shaker (divided by the number of winners). There was also a random draw for participation prizes.Two men won a gift card from Ashton, two women won a gift bag from David’s tea and two participants won a patch from Patch your trip.

Who could participate?

The competition was open to all SLC students, although the number of places was limited. A total of 36 students participated in the event.

Where did the event take place?

The gathering of all the participants was in the parking lot of CEGEP Champlain St-Lawrence but the race took place around the school. For example, at the Pyramide, Cegep St-Foy and the cemetery.

Finally, the event was a great deal of fun and an enjoyable experience for the participants. The organisers received positive feedback from the participants, who would love to repeat the experience.

Hope to see you at the next Amazing Race- St-Lawrence Version!

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