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Club Handbook

Student organizations provide opportunities to connect to the College, pursue special interests, develop leadership and organizational skills, learn about different cultures, make friends, and work with others to achieve common goals. Being involved in a student organization can be an integral part of your education and will teach you valuable skills that will benefit your education at SLC and your future careers.
Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence is committed to providing extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that will help in the development of leadership and community service skills. We believe that involvement in student organizations can provide a lifetime learning experiences that builds skills students can use in their emerging role as global citizens.
This handbook is designed to help students become familiar with student club guidelines, as well as the responsibilities and benefits involved with being part of a student club at St. Lawrence. It is important that all club members become familiar with this handbook and direct any questions or concerns to Student Services or the Student Association.
Membership to student organizations is open to all St. Lawrence students regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, physical limitations or sexual orientation. Goals and activities of the organization must be in keeping within the philosophy and objectives of the college and the Student Code of Conduct.
Student Services and the SLCSA would like to thank you for becoming involved. You are commended for taking the initiative to become leaders of our community. Your commitment to student life is greatly appreciated.

Click here to consult the Club Handbook.

You can ask for the related appendices from the Student Activities department or your SLCSA

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