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Various info for students (RTC, Housing, Lockers, Parking etc.)


Students arriving at SLC must have their pictures taken on Welcome Evening or the first few days of class. This photo is for their student ID/OPUS Card. Even if a student does not use the RTC bus services, this card is the official SLC ID card. Students need it for access to the fitness centre, library and student activities. The OPUS card prepared for them will be used throughout their two(2) to three(3) years of study at SLC.

We are part of the Abonne Bus program.  Students may purchase their monthly pass online. For more info, please go to the RTC website.

Site WEB du RTC dans la section Tarifs/L’abonne BUS pour y trouver toute l’information à jour. Ils peuvent s’inscrire à une liste de rappel qui les informera lorsque ce sera le temps de compléter leur inscription pour L’abonne BUS.

Housing:   Information on available appartments around campus.


Lockers are assigned to students by the Student Activities Department  in room 272. It is highly recommended that you bring a lock with you and put it on your locker immediately on Welcome Day.  This is the best way to avoid locker problems on the first day of classes. 

You must keep the locker assigned to you.  If you do not have a locker or would like to make a change you must see Joanne Gosselin in room 272. Locks may be cut if found on the wrong locker. We remind you that lockers are school property and should a search become necessary, St. Lawrence reserves the right to take appropriate action. Lockers must be vacated by the last day of classes in May.  The first week of June all lockers are emptied of their contents, cleaned and repaired for the Fall semester. We are not responsible for contents left in lockers. . Note that the lockers in the shower rooms are for the use of physical education classes only.


There is no student parking on campus. Students who wish to come with their car, must find a parking space on their own. Parking spaces can be rented at neighboring apartments: Pavillon Montcalm (418) 656-0553 and  Société Immobilière Dupont, there is a parking area down on rue Galvani  (418) 653-7458. Students may also rent "by the hour or for a daily rate at various appartment complexes around the college.  Do not park at the Pyramid.  They will tow your car immediately.

SLC Newsletter

Every Monday, the SLC Newsletter is sent to you my email from Student Activities.  This document contains information, such as: information from Academic Services and Admissions, upcoming activities, guest speakers, news from the Student Council, information from the various sports teams and cultural activities, job offers, scholarships, etc.   Please make sure that you receive the newsletter. If, by the first week of school, you have not received any newsletter in your inbox, then it is most likely that it went to your junk mail.  Please look for it and unblock us.  Students are responsible for getting essential information.  We do our best to keep you posted, but you must also do your best to keep informed.

Used book sale

Twice a year, usually on Welcome Day, the Entrepreneurship Club hosts a used book sale for students present and past that would like to sell their used books. Students wishing to sell their books may bring them in to them in May or August as well as December and January before classes begin.   For more info see Joanne Goselin in room 272

There are two other ways to sell your books:
You may sell your books on the SLC Portal.  Go to your SLC Portal, in the left hand menu under: My Omnivox Services you will see a second hand books tab.  Just follow the instructions.
The second option is posting an add on the bulletin board in the cafeteria, next to the microwaves.





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