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Student Services and Activities

Activities are offered to students who desire to go public with their artistic potential and to develop their cultural and organizational talent.
Getting involved in the college is a sure way to make new friends, develop new skills and enhance old ones! Throughout the year, St. Lawrence offers its students a great variety of socio-cultural activities. Advertizing for all activities is done by Newsletter, tv monitors and posters. The student activities personnel would be happy to give you more information. Consult them in room 272. 

The menu on the left gives you info on the various activities offered and information on our various services for our students. Should you have any questions and not are not sure where to go or who to ask, just drop by our offices. It will be our pleasure to help you out or point you in the right direction. Consult them in room 272.

Eco St. Lo: Again this year ECO-St. Lo will be back, stronger than ever. It will be a renewed pleasure to collaborate together for a greener St. Lo and planet. A warm welcome to the first-year students. For further details contact Fred Martin at or send Fred a MIO!
At St Lawrence, it's easy being green!

SLC Travel Club: The St. Lawrence Travel Club is a group of travel lovers who are interested in discovering new places and different cultures from around the world. The Club organizes different activities such as conferences about specific countries, photography contests and more.
For more details about upcoming activities please join us on Facebook "St. Lawrence Travel Club

OPEN MIC NIGHT: What is Open Mic? Performers sign up in room 272 (student activities) and perform during showtime for a maximum of 10 minutes. You can perform anything you want: Songs, monologues, poetry, name it!
Open Mic is like an easy going coffee shop where students, teachers and staff live out their performance fantasies! It is open to all.

Improv: At SLC we have a great improv team. THE FIT (French improv team). Auditions are held in September and are open to all.
Theatre productions: Dreaming of Broadway?
Actor-Singers needed for Musical-theatre at SLC. For the past few years, SLC has been producing two productions during the year.  Many actors, singers and production crew are needed. It is open to students and staff, and no experience is required.  To learn more about this great cultural opportunity, come to room 272. Or keep an eye out for the dates for the auditions.

Photographer: Every year the Student Activities department is looking for a few students interested in taking pictures of our sports and cultural activities. If you are into photography and would like to help out, please drop by room 272.

SLC Band What the Heck: WHAT THE HECK...SLC's rock band!!!!
You're a singer? A musician? You would like to be in a band?
This is your chance!!!!!  For more information or to sign up for the auditions contact us at:
We will rock you!!!!!!!

Radio Room:  If you like music, enjoy shows, and want to make the ears of everybody in the school bleed of excitement as you diffuse music in our wonderful cafeteria, we radio people are who you want to hang out with! For more info, come to room 272. 

Politics and Debate Club: Got something to say? Speak Up! Join the Political Science and Debate Club in room 134D (cafeteria) where we debate and discuss local, national and international current affairs. If you want more information, go to, where everyone can post political article and get updates on our activities.

Amnesty International: Are you concerned about issues of human rights and international solidarity?   Our local Amnesty group organizes special activities all through the year. Meetings are open to all.

Fashion Show: The SLC annual fashion show is presented in April of each year. Students interested sign up with the student contacts in September. Keep an eye out for the advertising.

Intercollegiate activities: SLC participates in various intercollegiate competitions and forums throughout the year. Example are:
Dictée Collégiale, Marathon d’écriture, Recueil Intercollégial de Poésie, Forum Étudiant, McMunn (McGill Model United Nations Assembly), math competitions.


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